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Free designer textures for 3dmax, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD - venetian and decorative stucco.

Welcome designers and visalization masters! If you are engaged into visualization projects, I bet you are looking for original high resolution royalty free textures for your favorite visualization software, should it be 3dmax, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD or anything of smaller caliber.

Here you will find the textures for venetian stucco, relief plaster, stone and wood imitations - all these were originally created by myself in real stucco as part of my professional engagement into a number of renovation and decoration projects. Some of the samples are a combination of painting and authentic stucco, others are complex multi-layer plasters to imitate natural materials. The textures were obtained by scanning the samples on a flatbed scanner, which adds to the brightness and sharpness of the images - the effect scarcely achievable by taking a picture of a wall.

I hereby grant you the right to use these textures free of any charge providing that you retain the copyright notice and the link to my site. I would also be glad to hear from you - if you have any suggestions please send me a message to

Sincerely yours, Alexandra Shubina (aka Aleksartis).

PS. Please be informed, that some of the files are as large as 10Mb, so if you are going to download the textures please click on a sample with the right mouse button and, depending on your browser, select "Save object..." from the context menu. Clicking on a sample with the left mouse button, the corresponding high resolution texture will open in a separate browser window. If, however, you browser blocks pop-up windows, you will either have to disable this feature for my site or revert to the "right mouse button" approach.

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All material presented at this site including the visuals and art-deco devices are copyright of Aleksartis © 2013. All other rights of corresponding owners are reserved.
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